Refined, Sophisticated, Elegant

Business Management

  • Email/Website Monitoring

  • Customer/Vendor liaison

  • Create filing system

  • Accounts payable

  • Excel Spreadsheet w/graph 

  • Weekly/Monthly maintenance 

  • Personal Assistant

  • Scheduling/Booking Management

  • Invoice/Receipt Management

Starting Your Business

  • Business Registration

  • Business Licensing

  • New Business Bundles

Professional Documents

  • Business Brochure

  • Blogs

  • Notary Public- OH

  • Small Business Plan

  • Pricing Menu

  • Resume

  • College Papers

Website Creation

  • Create Website

  • Purchase blog topics

  • Trends Monitoring

  • Manage Website

  • Customer Interaction

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Becoming an entrepreneur can be a very exciting thing and also very stressful! Let Polished Your Way tailor the perfect business bundle for you. With many options to assist the new and aged entrepreneurs, we guarantee satisfaction for every service provided.

Clerical Services

Refined, Sophisticated, Elegant

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