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the art or practice of taking and processing photographs

Photography is one of the oldest richest and most advancing form of art in the world! Photography is so much more than pictures and poses. After all, it is classified as ART! In today's day and age photography seems to be something everyone is interested in. From social media to news media, photography has become a daily norm for many of us. For others, photography is a stream of income. So lets just state the obvious. Owning a camera does not make you a photographer. Or does it???

"...with photography everybody who owns a camera calls themselves a photographer, and some people may agree with that, but at the end of the day you have to be able to do it in a way where... you are not disrespecting the market you are in..." - Jordan Kage -

Beginning of Kreativity

I've had the opportunity to sit with an amazing photographer located here in the heart of Cleveland, Oh. I learned how he took the availability of owning a camera and turned it into a lucrative business. This man saw an opportunity in an industry

that will forever be in demand. He took his own image of photography and created Kreative Kage Studios. How many people can say they took a simple life moment and made it go cha ching ($$$).

It all started with a simple question, he said, "I asked my sister how much she paid to have photos taken of my niece and when she told me the price..." Knowing this industry had the opportunity to bring in the big bucks he borrowed a camera from a friend just to take photos and found out he had a talent worth exploiting.

His methodology on turning simple education and a daily product into a fruitful yet great journey is astounding! Now don't mistake my words and think he did this all on his own. One thing that he spoke of is having a solid foundation and a great team behind him. Everyone knows that having the right people around you who want to see you successful makes the win that much greater.

Photography through the Kreative Lenses

Now as we all know photography is experienced on a very broad scope. After speaking with Jordan i got some insight into a world that is beyond me. With so many different options to choose from when selecting any service there are many things to consider when you are the service provider. For instance, when entering into the world of photography there are unspoken rules that should be considered, boundaries that shouldn't be crossed and beliefs that should be upheld.

When speaking about the access to photography here locally i found his opinion very interesting. Its been said that just because an industry is saturated with many like minded career seekers that the limitations are abundant. "As a photographer here in Cleveland you're in a huge matter how good you are you could get overlooked for people more popular or people who happen to be in the right place at the right time..." When considering this factor there are different options to stand out from the rest. One that is used often in the industry is fronting the bill for a "popular" model or subject just for a bit of notoriety which Jordan and many others have done. "...I've contacted a model and paid for every aspect of it... these things are always nervous because you don't know what the people who follow you and the people who are looking at your work are gonna think..."

When in a career where your work is subjected to the opinion of the public eye I can only imagine the frustration. Not only are you fighting to be seen but you are forcing yourself into the "lime light" which in the eyes of some artist can be seen as undercutting. "...there are some photographers who are actually pretty good who are underselling themselves or charging super low prices, and that fine do what you have to do to make it but if you're undercutting the people around you its going to be hard to make friends and you're not only devaluing yourself but the market itself..." One thing that i have learned especially in regards to starting my own business is ensuring the support of my fellow peers! Working together for the greater good of the industry will always be the power move in my opinion but some do not agree.

As we know especially in the field of photography the look the presence and the opportunity are the keys to success. Like in any field one must find their own lane and continue in their own image of success. Instead of competing for light and demeaning those who precede and those there after, Kreative Kage Studio, Jordan's humbleness and respect for the industry is what truly intrigued me.

Let "DOPENESS" Prevail

Along side the Kreative brand is the saying "Let DOPENESS prevail". This slogan means so much more than words. See 'dopeness' has its own meaning to everyone who gets in front of the camera. Encouraging dopeness allows every subject to be apologetically them and creates an aura of greatness in every shoot. This is his goals when referring to the "DOPENESS" movement, in his words, "I really try to make a difference with my images and when I say that I don't necessarily mean global because I think there is so much that could be done for people individually when we deal with them. As a photographer you have the power to change the way people feel about themselves...your capturing memories and you're giving them something that can last forever..."

I myself had the opportunity to be the subject of "DOPENESS" and had an amazing experience.

So let me say this was my very first photo shoot ever! I was so nervous and to make matter worse i had my son with me too! I had butterflies and it was a very frustrating hot long day! And well he made all the negative circumstance of my day disappear!

I didn't want a crap load of photos it was like a tester for me. I wanted to experience the glamour of the lights, the camera and the action and he served me well. My son is seven and he was also involved in the shoot and he made my son very comfortable as well. I think my son actually photographed better than i did believe it or not. Jordan the Kreative, made me feel like I could be photographed and extinguished any insecurities I had.

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