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Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Being Sexy & Professional Simultaneously Wins!

When you think about a sexy woman, what comes to mind!? Well, think female BOSS! One topic of discussion in the world of success is appropriate attire for the "Boss Chick"! The do's and don'ts of the very epidemy of the sexy sophisticated woman. When is too much too much and when is not enough too much!?

Speaking Boss into your Attire

"What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today...” ~ Miuccia Prada ~

The way you dress as a boss is a vital part of the image of success. When in doubt about attire ask yourself three things:

1. Does this outfit demand attention?

First thing you should do after putting on a bomb ass outfit is look in the mirror and imagine yourself in a room full of successful people. Whether your going to the office or a networking event, does your outfit scream BOSS!? Your outfit should make you look and feel like a leader.

2. Am I comfortable?

Being comfortable is a very important aspect of what you wear. Always be conscious of the weather. Make sure the you will not be too hot or too cold in what you choose! So let me give you an example - on cooler days ensuring that the thickness of your clothing will keep you warm and on hotter days don't fear the sheer! You never want to sweat or freeze! Can you move and sit comfortably without the frustration of folding and rising of your clothes? Do not hesitate to do the sit/stand test. Tugging at your clothes is unattractive and unprofessional, that's my opinion.

3. Do I feel like -A BOSS- ?

Saving the best for last... Feeling like a boss is the most important part of any outfit! Do you feel like your in charge? Does your outfit send a high level of self confidence into your blood!? If you answered yes to either of those question baby you are ready to enter the world! Show em' whose BOSS!! #killit #bossbabe

Styling Tips

I know in some situation knowing what pieces to wear can be the hardest part of selection. Whether you have the interview of your dreams or you want to turn heads at that event I have some tips that can help you. First and foremost know your body type. All body types are gorgeous and when selecting pieces consider which type you are. (Check out the guide image below if you're not sure). Every body type should accent specific areas accordingly. Hour glass and pear shape you want to accent every curve. Apple shape you want to accent upper body and legs. Rectangle and triangle you will want to focus on accenting physique. Below are my top 5 items that will perfectly accent any body type and every boss should have.

Hourglass, Apple, Rectangle, Pear, Inverted Triangle

5 Style Items every "LADY BOSS" should own!

Now we know everyone has their own style. The way you look will always be the first thing a person notices. This is how you introduce yourself. No matter what the look your going for these 5 items will accent any style in an amazing way.

1) Watch: A watch is the number one thing every boss should own. One that is simple. Not gaudy and embellished. When I say simple I mean nothing to much. The way a watch looks determines how impressive your outfit will be. A watch that is too accented can make your outfit look very cheap. For the most polished look a simple gold or silver watch will perfectly accent any style.

2)Blazer: There should always be a blazer in the bosses closet. Style and color of blazer is totally based on preference. A blazer is perfect for that job interview or lunch meeting or even a first date. You can pair a blazer with just about anything from a bodycon dress to jeans. The magic a blazer creates on a cool day or date night can never fail.

3)Body Shapewear: In todays day and age so many people think that shapewear is only for those with unproportioned body types. WRONG!!! Shapewear has been included in fashion since the early 1800s. Slips and waist shapers and booty lifters are a crucial part of the bosses attire. No matter if you have the perfect body or you feel you have some problem areas the right shapewear can make that dress fit perfectly or make your butt look amazing and shape you in the most provocative way while still keeping your boss fit the center of attention!

4)Nude/Black Pumps/Flats: I myself prefer pumps but I know some women are not acclimated to the high heel. In that case, pair of plain solid flats or pumps should always be found in the lady bosses closet. These are the perfect shoe that no matter what can be dressed up or down with no form of outfit clashing. No matter what you are wearing a pair of nude or black will never fail you. They go with any and every outfit no matter the event or the details of the dress you cant go wrong!! Don't believe me go grab a pair.

5)Pencil Skirt: Accent every curve in a pencil skirt. Long short polka dots floral print! It doesn't matter! its going to look great! Couple with your favorite blouse and go!

“Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.” ~ Marc Jacobs ~

Get Inspired

Check out the Beaty Bar. Its full of fashion ideas! Not that you need it you're already fabulous darling! Get inspired with featured looks from many designers and photographers makeup artist and stylist in your area!

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