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I know everyone wants clear skin. For some the very thought is unfathomable. For others, its a very simple process. Well I'm here to say that no matter the skin type there are 4 things required to ensure clear blemish free skin. Whether products are store bought, prescribed or "as seen on TV" ensuring you always have certain skin care items in stock is a must. Skin care is more than a daily routine its a way of life! Hey, fyi, skin care is for both men and women!


RULE #1 is cleansing! A clean face when you wake in the morning, before you start your day, and at night before bed is the foundation to healthy skin. I know some skin types may not receive cleansing 3x daily as others so i suggest daily morning and evening cleansing! The cleansing process clears away all surface dirt, oil and buildup. It is essential that routine is kept in regards to cleansing. One missed day could cause that blemish to sneak right through.


Detoxing is so important! Its therapy for your skin. Detoxing is masking those hidden allergens, pores and oil and dirt and forcing them to the skins surface. Somewhat like a magnet. Detoxing is like a skin baptism! it washes all skin sins away. You do not I repeat YOU DO NOT want to detox your skin daily. The process should be done once to twice a week. I suggest twice if you wear makeup consistently. Pampering your skin should always be priority after all its the first thing people see.


Moisturizing is your skins guilty pleasure! The benefits of moisturizing go beyond smooth skin. Its an exhilarating feeling after a cleanse or detox. It acts as a safety net to outside dirt oils and sun! Yes! Sun! Using a moisturizing with sunblock included can protect your skin from harmful sun rays. Also the right moisturizer can act as the perfect primer for your makeup application!


Your diet is going to be a very important part of your skin care. The things you eat and drink directly correlate with the blemishes and breakouts that one experiences. According to The Dermatologist, in a small survey study of a highly educated patient population, 71% of respondents believed that fried or greasy foods were an acne trigger, while only 16% reported sugar as a potential trigger. A proper diet with fruit and veggies daily is significant for healthy skin. Not only that, but water intake is the most crucial because it cleanses from the inside out!

As stated before skin care is a way of life! Its more than washing your face. Its greater than just removing skin impurities! Its revealing the beauty of routine and creating a glowing aura. Check out the items I suggest below! I love these items and the results they give.

Skin Care Products I Love:

3. CUROLOGY- great for extremely damaged skin - cleanser moisturizer and detox

2. CETAPHIL- amazing cleanser and moisturizer

1. LOREAL revitalift- My personal favorite and product I use daily - cleanser moisturizer and detox

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